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Our Services

“Best groomers!! Have been taking my dog to this establishment for many years. I can tell my girl is treated like a queen, as she is always happy to see the staff and comes back looking beautiful and smelling great. They are the best people to go to in the Idaho Falls area.”

Sue Christensen

Our Story

We started to do this because of our own
experience many years ago. We wanted the best for our pets. Their grooming wasn’t an exception. We wanted people that knew what they were doing and people that would treat them with the same amount of love we would. We wanted grooming to be an excellent and stress-free experience for ourselves and our pets. Because of this, we decided to learn and gain as much experience as possible to become the groomers we knew our dogs deserved. Over time, we started grooming our friends’ dogs as well. Then their friend’s dogs. The number of people asking us to help them would keep growing, so eventually, we decided to leave our regular jobs to do what we loved-giving our friends with paws the love and care they deserve.

Groomed french bulldog